YouthSpeak: Can 700 youth people change Mexico?

On January 6th, AIESEC México carried out, in the Autonomous Popular University of the State of Puebla (UPAEP), Youthspeak Forum, a space where enterprises, third sector organizations and young people converge to find new ways to collaborate for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations.

On this occasion, the forum was centered in the position of Mexico as Bridge of the Americas, as well as its responsibility and crucial role in the accomplishment of these objectives.

“Today, something calls us to understand that Mexico is the Bridge of the Americas… In a world increasingly globalized, where cultural exchanges and international development is bigger everyday, Mexico takes a responsibility even greater: to connect this immense continent… and if we do it through the work of the agenda 2030, we can make sure we start that butterfly effect in the country”, said José Pablo Vega, National President of AIESEC México, during the opening speech of the event.

During YouthSpeak Forum, 700 young people from all over the country could profit from the panel: Mexico, bridge of the Americas, where representatives from enterprises, civil society and government, talked about the role of these sectors and young people in the creation of a true bridge of the Americas.

The panel counted with the presence of Carlos Acosta, President of Reinventa; Adriana Alva, representative of the social responsibility area of Aeroméxico; Ana Karen Herrera, Director of Techo Puebla; Octavio Gutiérrez, Deputy Director of the Program of Access to Financing of Inadem; Jesús Antonio Sandoval, President of Partners of the Americas, and Herberto Rodriguez, Vice Chancellor of the UPAEP.

YouthSpeak Forum 2

Moreover, the attendees to the event could enjoy powerful talks about the human age 2.0, the characteristics of the modern consumers, personal marketing, about how to break cultural barriers, create a positive peace and urban design for the agenda 2030. These talks, imparted by Manpower, the American Marketing Association, Education First, OCC Mundial, Rotary y WRI México, respectively, allowed young people to have a new perspective about the challenges that we face nowadays as a society and the actions and ideas that exist to face them.

But YouthSpeak Forum was also a space where organizations and young people could get closer to build together. During the forum, different groups of young people analyzed the social responsibility study cases of Audi, Coca-Cola Femsa, Teletón, Cabify, Manpower y Apply.

YouthSpeak Forum 3

Each organization evaluated the proposals of each team and elected the best of them to be represented in the forum before the proposals of the other organizations. Train women and young people from the community of San José Chiapa, Puebla, where Audi plant is located; machines to recycle PET bottles in parks and public spaces; a bicycle rental service for all the city; an ability development model for Teletón volunteers; and a new way to find jobs online, were the ideas presented by the finalist teams.

Audi was looking for a way to get involved and involve its workers with the region in a different manner to what it had done before. The younggsters involved in the case had access to the social impact studies produced by Audi, and also to the guidelines that needed to be followed. With this information, the groups developed their idea and presented the actions that should take place in short, medium and long-term agendas in order to transform it a reality.

And it was the idea of one of these groups about training women and young people in entrepreneurship, the one that, at the end, not only conquered Audi, but all the judge. After a final deliberation, the young persons who proposed the idea to Audi, were the winners of the forum, having the opportunity to take their project to action together with Audi and the international volunteers of AIESEC. Besides, the winners could participate in a raffle to take an internship abroad courtesy of Mapfre.

YouthSpeak Forum 4

“For me, it has been an extraordinary surprise to find such amount of talent, such amount of young people that is eager to make things, people with so much potential and with an extraordinary attitude”, said Alejandro Pliego, Social Responsibility Manager of Audi Mexico.

In a world increasingly interconnected, where is sought to achieve the SDGs and generate a change in the world, Mexico is a great nursery of ideas that are only waiting an opportunity to germinate. The it is the importance of YouthSpeak: generate the conversations that are needed between the different sectors that conform the country and demonstrate, in each edition, the great innovative capacity and talent of Mexican young people.

YouthSpeak Forum 5

To be able to nourish oneself from diversity and differences and to take advantage from them to create a better future, is what has made YouthSpeak Forum the great event that is nowadays, since only through conjunct work and participation, is that we will achieve the SDGs and change the national and global reality for the better.

If you couldn’t attend to YouthSpeak Forum, you can see how it was here. Don’t forget to follow us in our social networks to be aware of when is going to be the next edition of this great event and make your voice be heard.

Benjamín Conde
Benjamín Conde
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